A “foolproof” drawing workshop with Jeanette House:

FOOLPROOF FACES is a video format workshop covering a range of traditional drawing techniques. ANYONE can learn to draw using these techniques, and practising them will help you build and develop your personal drawing style. 

Workshop content:

FOOLPROOF FACES consists of 6 videos: 5 are in real time and 1 is a time-lapse, all totalling just over 1 hour of content. I speak through the real time demos and the time-lapse is set to music. We cover contour drawing, continuous line drawing and blind contour drawing. I also demonstrate my own style of drawing and have included a bonus drawing demo (the time lapse).

Questions and feedback:

You’ll be able to ask any questions and share your drawings with me to receive constructive feedback.

Availability and access:

FOOLPROOF FACES is hosted on a private blog. You’ll have unlimited access to the workshop and video content, so you’re free to work at your own pace and revisit the workshop as often as you wish. 

Price and payment:

The workshop is available to purchase through my Etsy shop for a single payment of £25 GBP. You will find the Etsy listing HERE.